Translations and much more

Hi, I’m Betti Moser.

I help German companies with their English communications. Sometimes I also help creative agencies in the UK communicate with their German clients.

But enough about me. I’d like to hear more about you!

The trouble with my English home page is that I’m really not quite sure who I’m talking to here. My translation – or, rather, transcreation – clients are mostly based in Germany (or Austria or Switzerland). So they’re much better off looking at the German version of this website. Unless they’re just here to check that I really can write as well in English as I claim…! Is that you?

Or maybe you’re a colleague looking for ideas and inspiration for your own website? If so, did you find it? Or perhaps you’re my dream client – a creative agency with a great team of lovely people and an exciting and fun project they’re looking for someone to help with?

You know what? I’d really like to know who you are! I’d love it if you could drop me an email and tell me what made you look at my website. Was it a tweet? Was it Google? How did you come across this page?

Yes, I know about Google Analytics. But, come on… Where’s the fun in that? That’s so dry and anonymous. Let’s have some human interaction! Tell me about you. If you’re shy or in a hurry and don’t want to email me, just send me a quick tweet and say ‘hi’. I promise I won’t bite.

Let’s start a conversation!

You’re still not sure? Want to find out more about me first? Fair enough. Take a look at my Services page to find out what I offer. Or check out the aptly named About me page. Have a look around. After all, that’s what this site is here for.

But promise that when you’re done, you won’t just tiptoe away quietly. Do pop your head in the door and say hi. Tell me what you were looking for and – most importantly – whether you’ve found it. I’d really love to hear from you.

Speak soon!