Professional translations from German into English

You’re a German company with a global reach – or looking to expand beyond the linguistic confines of the German-speaking market. You want your English web copy to engage your international audience. You want to make sure your company literature makes a good impression, that your advertising or recruitment campaign has the desired impact.

To achieve this, you need someone who can capture the essence of your original text and create an English version that triggers the same emotions and responses in the reader. You need English copy that achieves the objectives of the German source material, without necessarily following its exact structure and wording.

You don’t just want a “translation”. You want a piece of writing that takes the concepts and ideas of the original and recreates them in English that reads well and makes sense – both for an English native speaker and for a reader whose mother tongue is not English.

Does that sound like just the thing you’re after? Then let’s talk. Call me or email me!

Editing translations for art museums

Or perhaps you’re looking for translators and editors for exhibition texts, art catalogues or essays that need translating from German into English? Congratulations, you’ve just found yourself a ready-made project team!

I regularly work with a hand-picked team of highly competent translators specialising in the arts. They provide high-quality translations, I do a final check against the German source text while also adding some finishing touches to the English.

Just give me a call or send me an email to find out how I can help.

For a more detailed list of clients and projects take a look at my About me page. You can also download my full CV from there.

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