Services offered

It’s all about connecting people

I help organisations in Germany and Austria to connect with their international audiences.
And I also help creative agencies in the UK connect with their German clients.

In other words, I offer:

  • Professional translations from German into English
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Bilingual support and cross-cultural advice.

You have a text written in English that needs tweaking – or rewriting – so it flows more naturally? Copy generated in-house by a non-English author? Or a conventional translation that sounds a little too translated and needs honing into shape? My speciality!

Or maybe you’d like me to write English copy from scratch, based on a brief written in German? No problem!

You’re a UK-based creative agency with German-speaking clients and you’re looking for someone to bridge the language gap?

Get in touch with me now. I can help!

Short copy and art texts

These are the sort of things I love working on:

  • website copy
  • advertising copy, slogans and taglines
  • press releases and blog articles
  • leaflets, brochures, catalogues
  • conference and event programmes or guides
  • exhibition panels and catalogues
  • architectural and design case studies.